Positive Singles- A Community Where You Find Love And Build Your Self-Esteem

positive singles

Positive singles is the largest online dating site for people affected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STD’s like AIDS and HSV. Positive Singles provides the platform where depressed clients start interacting and develop a meaningful and healthy relationship. Members can make new friends, seek love, engage in dating regularly and even build long term companionship. It is an exclusive network for a certain group of people. Membership is denied for people without STD.

It was launched in year 2002 with headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario. The aim of the community is to motivate members to stay positive, in spite of the misfortunes in life. The company pursues the vision of providing a safe and supportive community where members connect with each other. Most of the customers mostly belong to the nations USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Positive Singles-track record
Positive Singles
is the best running dating site as of date. It has brought in a new ray of hope in approximately 60,000 lives. In its 15 year long journey, the company has built a trustworthy image. According to records, there are more than 120,000 conversations in 1 day at Positive Singles. It has 15000 members staying active on daily basis. Everyday, as many as 500 blogs or above are posted on the site.

Distinct and unique features provided by the site
In addition from AIDS and HSV, it invites people suffering from Chlamydia, Hepatitis, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis to become its members. Positive Singles has few distinct features like extra-personalised services. The community also provides valuable security protections for members. One can opt to become a Gold member or standard member according to choice.

Procedures for joining the community and facilities
In order to join Positive Signals, a candidate is required to access the website www.positlivesingles.com. One must fill in his or her personal information like Name, date of birth etc. There is no registration fees. However, depending on their needs, clients can also avail paid membership services like Gold memberships. Clients can contact live counsellor in order to get their queries resolved.

Why people must join Positive Singles?
The community has a global presence with 1.1 million members. So, it is very easy to connect with someone anywhere in the world. The site provides educational information for building relationships safely. For instance, members can access materials pertaining to specific information such as Types of STD’s, how to live with STD, symptom management and protecting dating partners from risks. New members can avail the benefits of tips from experienced members. Confidentiality of information is always preserved. Most importantly, when people come in contact with people who share similar experiences, they can identify their goodness and their self confidence will rise.


Website:- http://www.hdatingsites.com/positive-singles-editor-reviews/

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